Couples Counselling

Diane McGeachy

Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist
Hobart, Tasmania

The biggest predictor for happiness and wellbeing in our lives is the quality of our relationships. Though relationships can be one of the greatest sources for a happy life, when it is not going well it can also be the greatest source for dissatisfaction. A deteriorating relationship can lead to feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, hurt and overwhelming stress.  

How can we maintain good relationships?

A relationship is not a fixed state. It requires ongoing and conscious investment from both parties. The keys to a healthy and satisfying relationship are; 

  • Open communication 
  • Respect for yourself and your partner
  • Accepting difference 
  • Space for independence 
  • Quality time with each other 
  • Enjoying being with your partner 

What can we do when our relationship is in trouble?

Almost everyone in a relationship goes through periods where they experience problems and difficulties. It can be stage related such as; having children, owning a home, financial strain, lack of interest in sexual intimacy, change in career, conflict over household responsibilities or dealing with extended family conflicts and pressures. 

Sometimes it is difficult to unpack and find ways forward together; and this is where support from an experienced couples therapist can be helpful. 

Couples counselling can assist you to gain insight into your present difficulties and provide you with the tools to regain and maintain a positive, healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Individual relationship counselling can be of benefit if you wish to privately discuss issues that are affecting your relationship or if your partner is not willing to attend couples counselling at this point in time. Couples counselling enables both partners to understand why and how difficulties are arising and to develop skills that will assist them to foster a healthy and satisfying relationship.

About our Centre

Hobart Counselling Centre’s Relationship & Couples Counselling Clinic provides comprehensive counselling and support services to individuals, couples and families.

Our Counselling Team can assist with a range of issues that may be impacting your relationship:

Relationship Issues:

Communication difficulties
Sexual Intimacy
Trust issues
Career changes
Infidelity/Commitment issues
Same Sex Couples Counselling
Financial pressures
Parenting Challenges
Work/Life Balance
Pornography Addiction
The Fly-in Fly-out Lifestyle
Substance Misuse/Addiction
Anger Management
Transgender/Gender Diversity

Contacting Our Centre

If you are concerned about your relationship and would like further information about our services or wish to make an appointment with a Psychologist or Counsellor please email (include your phone number in your message), complete the contact form, or telephone (03) 6285 8592.

Due to the high volume of enquiries to the Centre, an email or contact form enquiry will ensure you receive the timeliest response.

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