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About this Online Program

This Exquisite Body, The Body Image & Mindful Eating program is an online program that provides support to individuals who struggle with their relationship with food and body image. This program will help individuals to explore their relationship with their body and food, to debunk body stereotypes and dieting myths and develop a more satisfying and loving relationship with their body and self. Through neuroscience and storytelling This Exquisite Body Program encourages participants to achieving a healthy relationship with food and to accept themselves and their bodies in their natural form.

Who this Program is Designed For

The program is designed for every individual 18+ who would benefit from an improved body image, increased self-awareness and understanding, improved confidence, and a healthier and sustainable relationship with food.

This program is suitable for health care professionals working in the eating disorder and body image space who would like additional tools in supporting their clients.

This program is suitable for parents who would like support in how to foster positive body image and acceptance and encourage a healthy relationship with food for their children.

How this Program Works

This program is 100% online and can be completed at your own pace within a six-month time period from the date of registration.

The program will run over six consecutive weeks, with each session taking approximately 1 hour to listen to the audio content.

The program will introduce a new topic each week, with relevant experiential activities for participants to complete in the comfort of their own space and privacy.

Each session consists of:

  • Short video of Diane McGeachy discussing the weekly topic
  • 30-60-minute audio recording discussing the weekly topic in depth
  • Short video concluding each week
  • Suggested Experiential Activity
  • Weekly Mindfulness Exercise
  • PDF workbook
  • Weekly Quote
  • Weekly Song

Program Benefits

Participants will be able to explore their relationship with food and be provided with tools and strategies to create healthy eating habits. Through information and storytelling participants will gain awareness and self-confidence and move away from the imprisoning beliefs that “to be happy you need to lose weight”. The emphasis of this program is helping participants to improve their overall health and quality of life and increase acceptance and appreciation towards oneself.


$300 AUD 


More information

For more information on body image and mindful eating, or for more information about the group facilitators, please refer to the following article written by our experienced practitioners – Body Image and Mindful Eating.

Diane McGeachy

Gestalt Psychotherapist


This Program has kindly received a Grant from The City of Hobart.

Hobart Counselling Centre expresses gratitude and appreciation to the City of Hobart for their contribution.